Andreas Larsson was a firm believer in blind tasting as the only true way to taste wine. The absolute objectivity of blind tasting allows the taster to focus exclusively on his or her senses, without preconceptions about the wine clouding their judgement. Andreas focused mainly on that tasting approach when on his quest to become Best Sommelier of the World, a goal he reached in 2007; and he attributes his success largely to his dedication to blind tasting all levels of wine and spirits.

For professional blind tastings the environment is as neutral as possible, with various environmental factors strictly controlled to guarantee perfect tasting conditions: temperature, degree of humidity, air pressure, noise, smells, colours, and last but certainly not least, lighting conditions.

Château Lauriga Soleil Blanc 2016 : 92 / 100 (Best Languedoc Roussillon White Wine)

Jean Claude Mas, Mas des Mas Pézenas 2016 : 92 / 100



Jean Claude Mas Mas des Mas Grès de Montpellier 2016 : 91 /100



CPM Clos des Mures 2016 : 91 / 100


Château Martinolles Garriguet : 90 /100


Racines de Lauriga 2016 : 89 / 100



CPM Clos de Savignac 2016 : 89 / 100