An fiery year!! 


We ended tying-up the vegetation at Domaines Paul Mas on June 15th, 2022. This operation consists of raising the branches and foliage of the vines up to keep them above the stump using iron wires which act as tutors. This operation prevents the vine from growing in all directions and invading the rows, facilitating passage and work. It also allows a homogeneous display of the grapes for an ideal ripening and an airy foliage preventing of potential diseases. Tying-up is done by hand as the vines grow.

Nature ahead

Right after March frosts, everything grew at the same time! When winegrowers usually have until the end of June to raise the vegetation, this year, by June 15, this task had to done regardless of the grape variety. Our teams had to tie-up 145 hectares in record time. Leaving them little time to rest, our teams only have little rest as nature does not wait. And there is still a lot to do before the harvest! Trimming, ploughing, weeding…

Heat wave

The temperatures of the past few days have forced our teams to get up at dawn. In addition to the unbearable heat in the vineyards, tractors cause dust to rise due to the dryness of the earth, which has the effect of burning the skin of the grapes. This phenomenon is called scalding. It damages the young grapes, which will not reach maturity. Our teams must work at sunrise. A sacrifice to appreciate while tasting the 2022 vintage!