These experts, efficient and ecological four-legged mini mowers are back in our vineyards!

Christophe’s cattle will stay in our vineyards for 4 months this year.

After last year’s conclusive trial, this project is continuing over the long term. Under the vigilance of Paco (sheepdog), Christophe’s sheep and goats graze and give birth in our vineyards. Clos des Mûres, Clos Astelia, Belluguette, Mas des Tannes, … they will go from plot to plot to weed our vineyards in the most natural way and without any negative effects on the soil structure.


Reducing the load of agricultural machinery has become a priority in our vineyards. Here, the bovids turn the earth naturally with their hooves, and participate in maintaining the porosity of the soil.

Sheep are great weeding performers. The grass is uprooted, eaten, then degraded naturally by the animal which eats as close as possible to the plants without damaging them. In addition, they provide natural fertilization to the soil. During this time of year when fresh grass is limited, each hectare to graze is a godsend for sheep and shepherds. A mutual and effective collaboration between shepherd and winemaker.

And for the pleasure of our visitors, births are to be expected! We already had 6 at the beginning of February. The next generation of four-legged mini-mowers is guaranteed!

This practice, as old as the world, is making a comeback as people are becoming aware of their impact on the environment. For Domaines Paul Mas, it is a consistent approach that is part of our commitment to preserving the biodiversity of the soils. We take care of them, and they reciprocate.