The beauty of our type of work lies in what nature gives us.

Yes, the two most recent years are among those where anything could happen, and everything did!
We must recognise that nature, but also human nature helps us to find the balance and harmony which create the magic and beauty in our world, of viticulture and of wine.

We need to know how to listen, understand, assimilate, react, give and receive and then the satisfaction of a job well done gives us the pleasure of drinking a good glass of wine.

2020, the year the pandemic began, saw a magnificent harvest for those who knew how to overcome the ambushes that the weather had in store for us, the lack of workforce, the worries, and frights we and our clients all suffered.

2021, the year that has broken all the records for harvest losses, problems of allocations of dry goods, problems of transport, uncertainties in the global political situation and distinct lack of workforce to carry out the harvest and other important work.

In all of that it was important not to only see challenges: better to innovate, discover, step out of our comfort zones and away from received ideas, question ourselves, work harder; in summary reinvent ourselves to feed our philosophy, our values and to continue to produce wines which truly represent us.

In this our way of living, ‘rural luxury’ was the fuel of our passion and of our creativity.
I hope that in our teams and our families, we go into 2022 with the peace and tranquility which we have up to now had to feign, that excellence remains our goal to be able to taste wines which surprise, which give to those who taste them the greatest satisfaction and the strongest emotions. I hope that beyond simple pleasure, that our wines bring you a little of our dream and some well-being.
In hoping we can share some good moments together at the earliest opportunity, I wish you a good and happy 2022.

Jean-Claude Mas, Owner and Winemaker