Les vins Astélia



  Astelia // + 20 €  //

Astelia  Le Grand Vin

2  Astelia // + 20 € //

Astelia Le Grand Blanc

3  Astelia // + 20 €  //

Astelia Le Clos

 4 Astelia // + de 20 € //

Mas Astelia Chardonnay 

 4 Astelia // + de 20 € //

Mas Astelia Cabernet Sauvignon

Tarif for France, EXW

18 years after starting the adventure of Domaines Paul Mas, Jean Claude Mas has taken on a new challenge: to design from A to Z a wine project to produce excellent wines. By designating Astelia, acronym of his 4 daughters Astrid, Elisa, Apolline and Estelle, 13 hectares of his best plots in Montagnac, a state-of-the-art winery inspired by nature, meticulous work in biodynamics, and a family home, he expresses all his creativity and mastery.

Astelia is the genesis of a new wine-growing tradition in Languedoc, the birth of an estate that offers that part of the dream that is specific to the greatest wines.


Astelia is an ode to Jean-Claude Mas four daughers Astrid, Élisa, Apolline and Estelle, Astélia embodies all the passion and distinction of Jean-Claude Mas’ signature wines; a selection of plots managed according to sustainable and biodynamic practices.

Jean-Claude Mas