RAINFALL 2022/2023

The first glimpses of the 2023 vintage.


We are not telling you anything new if we say that water is essential to all forms of life. Since the beginning of 2023, the drought in France has been present in a rather impactful way.

The importance of water management for the vine

The importance of water management for the vine is essential to the quality of the grape. The vine destined to give wines has annual needs of water of about 500 to a 1000mm yearly. The quantity of water will of course impact the quality of the wine, as it balances the ratio between sugar and acidity, a key factor in accessing good maturity. An excess of water will dilute the concentration of the grapes and make them lose their aromatic potential. A lack of water will slow down the ripening process, reducing the size of the berries and increasing the alcohol content in the wines. The vine needs water during three key stages of its development:

  • During its budburst, when the first buds appear between March and April.
  • During flowering and fruit set when the flowers form and are fertilized.
  • During the ripening phase of the berries, until the harvest.

The situation for the vineyards of Domaines Paul Mas – March 2023


The situation for the vineyards of Domaines Paul Mas, whose rainfall amounts (see below) were recorded between October 2022 and March 2023 in comparison with the annual rainfall averages experienced by these same production areas:

When comparing these data, one obvious fact emerges: the rainfall rate for the winter of 2022/2023 is very low in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Although the “October 2022-March 2023” records only cover a period of six months and do not provide a global view, we cannot expect much more rainfall for the rest of the season, given that we enter the driest period of the year in April. That said, the vines are still in the early stages of their development cycle.

As for the 2022 vintage, which was a drought year, we can expect a similar vintage in 2023, offering wines dominated by a solar profile and a lot of generosity.