Domaines Paul Mas currently cover around 600 hectares of wine country in the heart of the Languedoc.


Considered a flagship of the Sud de France brand, our wines express all the richness and diversity of the region.

Domaines Paul Mas owns more than 600 hectares of vineyards, and work in partnership with grape growers across an additional 1312 hectares of vines. This means we have access to 40 different grape varieties, both local and international, as well as an incredible range of different terroirs in the Languedoc.

This diversity is all down to the unique situation of the region, bound by the Mediterranean Sea to the south and the mountains of the north, and by its geological formation.



Luxe Rural” (Everyday Luxury) sums up our culture and philosophy. With the greatest respect for our rural roots, we aim for perfection. Our wines are the result of our mission to inspire real emotions.


Jean-Claude Mas

Founder and Executive Manager, Les Domaines Paul Mas


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