This past weekend, Arrogant Frog put on a great show for the folks at Wine Riot Los Angeles, a wine-tasting event build around the uber-cool Second Glass smart phone app, which lets tasters Rate, Share and Remember wines they discover at the event. Our Arrogant Frog (a.k.a. the Humble Winemaker) was a big hit, featuring in lots of “selfies” and even taking a turn on the dance floor with some of his biggest fans!


A pleasing palate and friendly pricing combined to make our Lily Pad Red and Lily Pad White some of the event’s top-rated wines. “Just $10 per bottle? Available at BevMo? Awesome!” was the refrain we heard throughout the night. Some things are not too good to be true!

The only problem we had was trying to keep hold of our berets, since the enthusiastic crowd kept wanting to borrow them for pictures. We love Wine Riot and look forward to rioting again soon when the event returns to a city near you!