While some might think a ‘label is just a label,’ it really is (or can be) much more than that. It provides the story behind the wine. A visual representation that connects taste to winemaker to vineyard to region. And we felt it was time to connect those dots behind our story a bit more …

… But please don’t panic Arrogant Frog enthusiasts! Our favorite ‘Humble Winemaker’ isn’t going anywhere … except further into the vineyard, that is.

The new label has him situated amongst the vines on his estate in the Languedoc – because the terroir, winegrowing and vineyards behind the Arrogant Frog wines are as critical to their character and quality, as the winemaker, Jean-Claude Mas, himself.  Another change to better suit the style of these premium quality wines: the red wines are now under natural cork instead of screwcap.


So, with your next bottle of Arrogant Frog, we hope you are transported to Southern France and can taste the deep regional history, unique terroir, and thoughtful winemaking and growing techniques that are authentic to Jean-Claude Mas and his wines.  Enjoy!