autumn leaves and sky fall changing color FranceThe first day of Autumn is just a few days away, and we couldn’t be more excited. In the Languedoc, the air begins to cool and the vines change to brilliant orange hues. Whether we’re curled up indoors during a thunderstorm, going for an evening stroll, or preparing a hearty meal, we’re always searching for the wines that pair best with the moment.

Here are four of our favorite wines to match the flavors and the mood of Fall:

Côté Mas 2013 Rosé Aurore

wine bottle rose wine languedoc rose

This is a perfect mid-week wine for an unpretentious dinner on the patio deck or to bring to a beach bonfire with friends. This wine is made from 50% grenache, 30% cinsault, and 20% syrah, which gives it a deep salmon color. Ripe cherry and strawberry aromas leap from the glass along with a classic briny minerality. Our rosé is a dry wine with juicy fruit flavors, a hint of rose petals and a finish of savory herbs and fleur de sel. Best of all, Côté Mas Rosé Aurore compliments almost any food dish.  It’s bold enough to accent the smoky spice of barbequed meats, yet lean enough to pair with seafood, and its acidity makes it a good match for salads. If you’re headed out to a party and you don’t know what type of food will be served, Côté Mas Rosé Aurore is a bottle that’s bound to impress.

Château Paul Mas 2013 Belluguette

wine bottle white wine blend

Rich white wine ushers in the flavors of Fall with a toasty welcome. The Belleguette is a blend of 40% vermentino, 30% roussanne, 20% grenache blanc, and 10% viognier. This is a powerful and captivating wine, with fruit aromas of mango, pineapple, and apricot combined with vanilla and brioche from the time the wine spends in oak barrels. Vermentino forms the base of our wine, providing bright acidity and zesty citrus flavors; roussanne give the blend some herbal tea aromas and even a dash of pepper; grenache blanc adds honey and lets our terroir shine; and that hint of viognier acts like seasoning, contributing a floral, spicy finish. We love this wine with creamy seafood pasta, root vegetables cooked in butter with nuts and allspice, and with strong cheeses like Camembert or Mimolette.

Arrogant Frog 2013 Pinot Noir

wine bottle pinot noir

Arrogant Frog Pinot Noir offers you the silky texture and delicate sophistication of French pinot noir at an unbeatable value, so you can enjoy this incredible grape any night of the week. A light red like pinot noir is an elegant compliment to the changing season. The soft spices and subtle earth in our pinot noir are phenomenal with a range of fall food, from poultry to pot roast to grilled vegetables. In warmer weather, you can serve it with a slight chill and its refreshing red berry and cherry flavors shine most prominently.  Half of the grapes that go in the wine are fermented in new oak barrels for a rich, vanilla spice note and the other half are aged in stainless steel to attain the juicy fruit-forward flavor we love. Oh, and we love it with balsamic-garlic crusted pork tenderloin!

Paul Mas Estate 2011 GSM

wine bottle red wine blend grenache syrah mourvedre

We love to open our GSM over a decadent dinner with family and friends on a weekend night when it’s chilly outside. It makes a fantastic accompaniment when the centerpiece of your meal is a hearty dish filled with fall spices. This wine is 35% grenache, 35% syrah, and 30% mourvedre.  It is an intense red in both color and flavor with heady flavors and fine, velvety tannins.  Blackberries and raspberries dominate the palate, with an undercurrent of tobacco spice, candied violets, and a satisfying sanguinity.  We age 20% of the wine in oak barrels for six months, which results in a delicious balance of bold, dark fruit flavor and opulent toast.  We love this wine with grilled steak or game, roasted lamb, and vegetable ragout.

We hope you’ll enjoy our wines as much as we do throughout Autumn.  We encourage you to explore the endless possibilities for food pairing and try our wines at any occasion. Share with us stories of how you’ve savored Paul Mas wines this season!